When looking into fencing, it is important for homeowners to take into account their furry friends and make sure they can’t escape the yard. Some fences have too much room between slats and it allows for easy escape while others may not leave any room at all for the dog to see anything. It is also important that the fence can create an area that will give the dog enough room to do their business.

Here are 5 fences that will ensure that any furry friend will not escape the yard.


  1. Wood and Metal Fences


A mixture of wood and metal used in fences can allow for cool designs as well as a secure wall so the dog cannot escape. This one removes the area in which the pooch may be able to see out of the yard, but it allows for total security in keeping the dog in. This fence may not be ideal if one wants their dog to be able to see out, but it is still a very nice and safe fence for any pup.


  1. Chain Link and Wood Fences


This is one of the more cheap options for a secure fence, but it still is very nice for keeping those dogs safe. The dog will also be able to see out of the fence as well as anyone can see in. It is a fairly simple design, but it is very effective and can look nice in anyone’s yard. I would say that this type of fence is not desirable for larger dogs since it is easily knockoverable, but can still be used.


  1. Lattice and Frame Fences


Lattice fencing is both an effective fence for dogs as well as a stylish fence for any yard. The fence is a lattice shape with a wooden frame around it to add stability. To prevent wood rot, the wood should be treated. Maintenance should also not be very much since it is all generally made from treated wood. Lattice fences also are easily paintable which allows for easy customization for the homeowner. Another alternative to just wood lattice is wood and metal lattice work.


  1. Recycled Pallet Fences


Recycled pallets are both good for the environment as well as great fences. There is enough space for the dog to see between the slats as well as not be able to escape the fence. This type of fencing is best used with smaller dogs since pallets are typically smaller in size. It is important to make sure that there are no harmful chemicals attached to the fences since it could harm the pup. It’s also very customizable since they are easy to paint and change.


  1. No Dig Fence


A no dig fence is best for a dog that likes to dig around in the yard. The best way to create this is by laying down a chain link fence at the base of your fencing to make sure the pup will have no possible way to dig under the fencing and get out of the yard.


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