Need instant cash today? Pawning or selling your valuables at your local pawnshop is one of the easiest ways to get quick cash. And the best part is, when you pay back your loan, you get your things back.


Knowing what you can pawn can help you plan and figure out what items will get you the right amount of money when you need it the most. Here are seven things that you can pawn to get money fast.


What Can I Pawn for Quick Cash?

If you’re looking for quick cash, consider pawning some of these items:


1.   Jewelry


If there’s that one thing you can depend on a pawnshop to accept, it’s fine jewelry. Pawnshops have a high demand for jewelry, so they’re always willing to make a great deal. Gold jewelry, specifically, is a hot item at local pawnshops. Many pawnshops also take silver, diamonds, and other high-end pieces.


2.   Gems


Loose gems are also an excellent option for a quick sale at your local pawnshops. Even the smallest diamonds can get you a lot of money. You can also pawn popular gems like rubies, emeralds, topaz, opal, amethyst, and sapphire. Make sure you do your research before you sell these items.


3.   Luxury Watches


High-end watches are also trendy at pawnshops. A brand-name watch in perfect condition will get you a fantastic deal and instant cash when you need it.  Famous luxury watches like Omega, Rado, or Rolex can undoubtedly get you an incredible offer at your local pawnshop.


4.   Designer Handbags


You can get also get some fast money by offering up your designer handbags. If you have some designer handbags lying around your closet, you might want to consider selling them to your local pawnshop. Since most designer bags never go out of style, you can typically get some good money here.


5.   Art Pieces


You can get some good money at your local pawnshop on the off chance that you have art pieces from well-known artists. A good art piece could lure a collector, and you can wind up with a big chunk of change. You can check the worth of the art piece by doing research online before you head to the pawnshop.


6.   Guns or Weapons


Firearms are one of the everyday items you can pawn in certain states! Selling your gun in a pawnshop is a fast way to get some extra money.  Weapons often come in high demand regardless of what they are.  One of the most beneficial things about weapons is that they hold their worth more than other popular items.


7.   Coins


Similar to artwork, unique coins and currency range in value. If you collect rare coins, you can exchange them for big bucks. For example, a 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel is worth more than $4 million! That’s why it’s vital to research the worth of your coins are worth before pawning them.

If you’re looking for a place to get fast cash, our Loma Linda pawn shop is the place to go. Contact us to get a quote for your items.