Have you seen how your roof gets damaged after a big storm? One minute, you are enjoying the calming sound of rain as it falls on your roof. Then suddenly, the storm gets worse and you’re left to deal with massive damage. The full extent of storm damage to your roof can lead to costly repair bills.


Unfortunately, roofing scammers know exactly when to hit. Scammers prey on unsuspecting owners when storms hit because they know people want their roof fixed immediately. Here are some great tips to help you stay away from roofing scams in the heat of the storm.


How to Avoid Roofing Scams


Let’s get right into the details!


Ignore the Door Knockers


Roofing scammers often come knocking at your door. They notice your damaged roof and work hard to convince you that they can help. Unfortunately, they will try to take advantage of you and your situation. Roofer in Moreno Valley.


If possible, don’t even answer the door when they come knocking. They will try to manipulate you to think they can handle all the details and are the cheapest around. They know that you are desperate to get your roof fixed and prey on your vulnerability.


Take your time and check into any roofer who knocks on your door thoroughly before you sign the hiring papers.


Avoid Contracts with Holes


Have you come across a pushy service professional who practically forces you to sign a contract? Have you read through your contract and noticed lots of blanks? Never sign a contract that you haven’t read fully and that isn’t fully filled out.


The blanks allow roofing scammers to alter the contract once you have signed it. These scammers change things such as materials and pricing to meet their needs and make the contract more favorable for their bottom line.


Don’t Go for Large Cash Payments


Is there a roofing professional knocking at your door and offering you a decent discount on your cost if you pay in full? This is definitely a red flag! Generally, reputable contractors ask you for minimal upfront payment. Keep this in mind when someone is offering you a deal to pay in full.


Storm chasers generally target older individuals or those who have significant damage that needs immediate attention. They offer you big discounts if you pay upfront. Once they have your money, they are off the grid and your repairs simply don’t happen!


Always Ask for Insurance and Licenses


Always ask for proof of licensing and insurance. Looking for proof of this information is the easiest way to get rid of scammers. A licensed contractor will be more than willing to verify their credentials.


Most scammers don’t have a license or insurance. Moreover, you’ll be responsible for the damages if they attempt to provide service. Choose a local company and do your research to avoid these headaches.


Contact a Reliable Roofer to Fix Storm Damage


If you’ve experienced storm damage, you need a reliable local Roofer In Chino Hills to handle your repairs. Call Custom Roof Company today for a free consultation.