It is no exaggeration to say that the California heat is hard to handle during the summer months. While most homes are equipped with central air conditioning units, new California residents don’t always realize how hot the summers are until they experience them for the first time. Whether your AC suddenly stopped working or you are waiting for a new installation, mini window air conditioners can give you some temporary relief from the scorching heat.


While small, traditional air conditioning units were ineffective and noisy years ago, today’s models offer enhanced cooling and innovative performance. Mini window air conditioners are compact and durable. Believe it or not, they can quickly meet your everyday needs while taking up very little space.


Let’s look at the most important things to consider before purchasing a new window air conditioner.


5 Things To Consider When Looking for the Best Mini Window Air Conditioner


If you want to keep your house cool in the summer, you need to invest in the best option. With so many models available, how do you pick a top-notch model? There are a few things to consider before buying your window air conditioner unit. Let’s take a look.


1.   Size


The first factor to consider is size. You need to determine the correct size to suit your needs. Measure your window size to determine the amount of space you have to fit your unit. You should also be mindful of how many square feet your unit will cool. Before you make a final decision, make sure you find a suitable size to perform as you need it.


2.   Energy-Efficiency


Energy efficiency is essential today, especially when it comes to your air conditioning unit. You don’t want something to burn a lot of energy and launch your utility bills through the roof. Check the energy efficiency ratio on your unit before you buy it. This represents the unit’s cooling capacity ratio. You should buy an air conditioner unit with the highest energy efficiency ratio if you want to save money on your electricity bills. This can also help reduce your carbon footprint.


3.   Installation


Generally, it is not a difficult task to install a mini window air conditioner. In most cases, you can install it using a DIY method. However, before you start the installation process, it is crucial to look through the installation or user’s manual. If you do have a problem with installation, you can call a local HVAC professional for an affordable and fast installation.


4.   Warranties


Finally, check the warranty on each of the units you are looking to possibly purchase. This should be a crucial factor to consider before making a purchase. You want to find the unit with the best ratings, most affordable prices, and most extended warranty. This will give you peace of mind that your unit is worth your investment and is intended to last for a significant period.


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