Plumbing issues are an inevitable part of owning a home. While some issues arise due to aged fixtures or regular wear and tear of plumbing equipment, others may occur due to how you maintain and utilize specific systems. Plumbing issues are often simple and inexpensive to resolve, such as a leaky faucet or clogged drain. Still, they require professional inspection to repair the issues effectively.


The difficulty with plumbing problems is that they often go unnoticed and get progressively worse over time. More severe problems, such as sewer line blockages, can be disastrous if not addressed right away. If you want to avoid significant plumbing repairs, you need to know the most common residential plumbing issues. Let’s discuss.


5 Common Residential Plumbing Issues


Here are the five most common residential plumbing problems:


1.   Slow Draining


Hair and debris that gets stuck in your drains can cause the water to slow down as it drains. In most cases, you can remove buildup with a set of needle-nose pliers. If you don’t have the knowledge or tools to handle even simple plumbing jobs like debris cleanup, call a trustworthy plumber right away to avoid more costly repairs.


2. Dripping Faucets


A worn-out internal washer is the most common cause of leaking faucets. In most cases, your plumbing fixture only needs minor repairs. Dripping faucets may not appear to be a significant nuisance, but they are. Every drop of wasted water adds up, increasing your water costs. You can inspect and replace broken or loose faucet parts with the appropriate equipment. Still, if your faucet keeps dripping or leaking, you may have a more significant problem that requires a plumber for repairs.


3. Clogged Drains


Hair is the primary cause of clogged bathroom and shower drains. Preventing a blocked shower drain is one of the best ways to avoid plumbing repair costs. At least once a month, you should clear out your drains. You can undoubtedly prevent expensive repairs by hiring a professional drain cleaning service for routine cleaning. If a clog does develop, you can remove it using simple procedures. If you can’t get the blockage to go away on your own, call a plumbing expert for help.


4. Running Toilets


A running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day. A malfunctioning flapper valve, which regulates water flow from the tank to the bowl, is the most common cause of running toilets. If your water costs appear higher than usual or you think your toilet is running, you can do a quick test by putting some food coloring in the top tank and watching to see whether it makes its way into the bowl. If you have an issue with running toilets, contact your local plumber for fast and affordable repairs.


5. Faulty Water Heater


A defective or extinguished pilot light is the most common cause of water heater issues. If your water heater suddenly stops working, check the pilot light first. Since most water heater issues can progressively get worse, contact a professional plumber immediately before the problem gets worse.


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