Backyard weddings have always been popular, but recent years have shown an increase in the desire for this particular location for a wedding. If you’ve been beginning to plan your wedding, you may have considered having it take place in your own backyard, or maybe the backyard of a close friend or relative. Why are backyard weddings so popular among couples? It can have to do with a variety of factors, such as:


          Sentimental Value

Many couples choose to have their wedding in their backyard to be able to look back at this space with fondness and great memories. Your backyard is a part of your home, and this may be a space you and your significant other have constructed and evolved to be a sanctuary. What could add more sentimental value to your wedding, than having it at your home?



Many smaller weddings take place in backyards. This allows for a more intimate feeling as your closest loved ones can come together in your backyard to watch you marry. Backyard weddings can be suitable for a wedding where you’ve invited only your truly close family and friends.



Much like smaller backyard weddings, you may also go with your or a loved one’s backyard because it can accomodate more people. While smaller backyards are perfect for weddings with few guests, you may choose to hold the ceremony and reception in a big backyard that can host various people.



With a venue, you may have to leave the site before a certain time, clean up after yourselves, have to work around with settling on a date for the wedding, and more. While you may still have to clean up after yourself in yours or someone else’s backyard, at least you will have a bit more freedom in terms of how long guests can stay, getting married whichever day you pick, and not having to worry about breaking venue regulations. Besides, no one can kick you out of your own backyard!


Not having to use a venue means not having to lay down any deposits. This can be perfect for the budgeting couple. You can use the money you’d spend on an indoor venue to go for more lavish decor options and other entertainment to keep you and your guests having so much fun at your backyard wedding.


Backyard weddings have grown increasingly popular for a number of reasons. You may turn to a backyard wedding if you want more freedom with picking a date, being able to decorate how’d you like, and not having to stick to a venue’s rules. You can also have a small intimate wedding in your own backyard to create beautiful memories. A backyard wedding can offer tons of possibilities for your wedding! A tent for your backyard wedding is the perfect solution if you’re thinking about harsh weather conditions or want to amp up decor. If you’re interested in finding tent rentals in Phoenix, Town & Country Event Rentals has got you covered!