Many things we and use in our daily lives are delivered to us in cardboard packaging. While most people know that cardboard is recyclable, many don’t understand the significance of breaking it down into pieces. It is vital to break down cardboard waste to help save money, time, and energy with the recycling process.


Breaking cardboard into pieces before throwing it out may seem like a hassle, but it can be easily done and save a lot in the long run.


Why You Should Breakdown Cardboard Waste


Here are some reasons why it is essential to breakdown cardboard waste:


1.   It Saves Money


You may wonder how breaking cardboard waste into pieces can save you money? Believe it or not, it is possible! When cardboard packaging arrives at your home, most people open it and directly throw the cardboard into the garbage container. This can consume all of the space in your container. The more space that is occupied, the more pickups need to be scheduled. This increases your recycling costs. When you make a little effort to cut or break the cardboard into pieces, you lessen your pickup expenses and save money.


To properly break down your cardboard into pieces, you need to turn it upside down and run the cutter through the middle of the cardboard box. Repeat this step on every flap. Throw your cardboard into the recycling when you’ve broken it down as much as possible. This is how you can sensibly cut your cardboard box and discard it.


2.   Reduce Landfills


Cardboard waste is very useful in terms of recycling. With a large variety of products made from cardboard, they can easily be reused and recycled. Recycling cardboard allows you to save money on disposal costs.


Recycled cardboard is used to make writing paper, cereal boxes, paper boards, paper towels, and much more. It also helps to reduce pollutions as the cardboard used in recycling programs will not go into landfills and incinerators.


3.   Limits Deforestation


Cardboard is made up of wood from pine trees. Millions of trees are cut down to make cardboard products. If the cardboard is broken down properly, it’ll help big companies and manufacturers recycle it quickly again into valuable products. This is how we can prevent the excessive cutting down of trees.


4.   Ease in Recycling


When you cut your cardboard into pieces, it helps recycling companies picking up your garbage from your home. This helps ease the recycling process for your recycling company, saving you money over time. Properly managing your waste and keeping it in your recycling container can help you ensure that all your trash is taken away effectively.


When your recycling bin or can is overflowing, many companies cannot pick up your waste. This is because they use automated recycling trucks to pick up your garbage easily. If your recycling bin is overflowing, many trucks can’t pick them up, or cardboard falls out in the process.


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